Locations: Brooklyn, Jersey City, Miami

Talde is the namesake restaurant of Chef Dale Talde—the first restaurant to solidify a lasting partnership with restaurateurs David Massoni and John Bush. The first location debuted in Brooklyn in 2012, with Jersey City following in 2014, and Miami in late 2015. Here, the menu features creative Asian-American cuisine that has been playfully dubbed “in-authentically Asian,” with a beverage menu of East-meets- West spirits, featuring seasonally-inspired cocktails. Signature dishes include Pretzel Pork and Chive Dumplings; Crispy Oyster-Bacon Pad Thai; and Korean Fried Chicken with Spicy Kimchi Yogurt, Grapes and Mint.




Location: Arlo NoMad, Manhattan

Chef Dale Talde and his partners, David Massoni and John Bush, all of Three Kings Restaurant Group, make their first foray into Manhattan with three unique concepts inside the Arlo Nomad Hotel: Massoni, a full-service restaurant that serves “Inauthentic Italian” fare; BARlo, the 2nd floor bar and adjoining terrace; and The Heights, a seasonal rooftop bar and patio. At Massoni, diners have the option of breakfast, lunch or dinner, and are able to sample Chef Dale Talde’s “Inauthentic Italian” cuisine, featuring classic Italian dishes with multi-cultural flavors and ingredients. Think Arancini Balls but with biyrani-style rice, served with cool ranch raita and spicy tomato; and Malfalde with uni, serrano and smoked onion dashi. The cocktail program at Massoni is rooted in the classic cocktails of New York City. Like the food, the influence of Italian - American culinary traditions and flavors find their way into updated classics.  The drinks take their names from the last stops of the different subway lines that run throughout the city. Massoni also offers an entirely Italian-focused wine program, consisting of about 15 white and 20-25 red. The offerings span all of Italy, including both traditional and more offbeat options, as well as several to choose from some of the smaller vineyards. On the beer front, both Italian and craft domestic brews are available.



Location: Arlo NoMad, Manhattan

The Heights is a rooftop bar, located at the top of the Arlo NoMad Hotel, from the Three Kings Restaurant Group.  With expansive views of the city, including the best view in Manhattan of the Empire State Building. The Heights offers guests the ideal place to grab a drink, hang out with friends, enjoy a slice of pizza, and take it all in.



Location: Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

From the Three Kings Restaurant Group, partners David Massoni, John Bush, and Chef Dale Talde, will open Atlantic Social in Downtown Brooklyn, at 673 Atlantic Avenue directly across the street from the Barclays Center. The bar (80 seats) and restaurant (160 seat dining room) will offer Brooklynites an eclectic menu, featuring seasonal pastas, pan-style pizza, and additional favorites from Dale, including General Tso's Chicken Wings. With 16 flat-screen TV's, Atlantic Social will be a destination for sports and game viewing too. The restaurant will serve lunch and dinner with brunch on the weekends. 






Location: 50 Bowery, Manhattan

Scheduled to open in early 2017, the Three Kings Restaurant Group will be handling all food and beverage at the new 50 Bowery Hotel in Chinatown. Asian centric Rice & Gold will sit on the main floor and serve dishes like Crispy Papaya Salad, Hand-Pulled Noodles, and Thai Fried Chicken, while a rooftop bar and lounge, will feature both indoor and outdoor spaces, offering the perfect views of Manhattan, no matter what season it is. Downstairs, below Rice & Gold, Green Lady will offer guests the perfect option for late night entertainment, including DJ’s, live music, performances and more.